While I do have private dialog with people who contact me from time to time, it is my wish that contact regarding this website be public and posted on the forum. If you really, really need to contact me directly, provision for this has been made below - but please read to the bottom first.

I can understand the desire to stay anonymous and / or have private information stay private. However you should know that the internet is not the anonymous environment you may think it is. I can also understand the hesitancy to register on forums just to say a few words.

I don't care if you register, post your comments, and then unregister. Posts do not auto delete when a user unregisters. If you think you might be returning to post, then do not unregister.

Registration allows you to have private messaging with any other registered user; allows you to be notified by email when there is a reply to any message you have posted; and allows you to be notified by email when there is a message posted in any topic that you have chosen to monitor.

When you register, there is a check box to keep your email from being displayed to the world. I suggest you check it. You also have the option of choosing a name to be displayed with your post(s).

If you have questions please post them to the questions board on the Discussion Forum. Before a website can have frequently asked questions and their answers, it must have questions.

If your reason for contact is to notify me of typographical errors, broken links, and other website, webpage, or internet function errors, please use the Discussion Board created for this purpose. This will create a public log of any errors so others can see that I have been notified of the problem.

If you have information that you think will be useful for the purposes of this website, you can post it to the Discussion Forum. This makes it available for others without my immediate involvement. Like any other information on this website, the mechanism of the discussion forum will allow others to express agreement, disagreement, or refining points in regard to your information.

If you don't agree with my conclusions on the website, the Discussion Forum was added to this website as a place where you can PUBLICLY challenge them. If you intend to to do this, be forewarned: I take positions apart, sometimes word by word, to show where the logic fails. If you post really goofy stuff, I might even devote a webpage to ridiculing your goofiness.

I'm not doing this website for money. The only payment I get is the occasional kind words of appreciation. It takes huge amounts of time to research the information presented, decide how to best present it both in words and in formatting style so that the uninitiated can understand it, and then actually type it all in. The feedback helps motivate me to continue this tedious task.

For anything else that you think should not be shown publicly on the forum, click this email link. If you have information that I determine should be public, I will make it public. I will anonymize what I post provided you are not an IRS sycophant.