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Defending Liberty
« on: May 21, 2021, 08:19:01 AM »
I am looking for individuals that understand liberty and the serious threats attempting to kill it.

I hope that "I" becomes "We". In actuality, this has already happened because of real life face time I had when I connected with a nearby liberty minded human. This website, Synaptic Sparks, since it already exists, is my contribution as a "seed" site. Until its traffic bumps the traffic quota limits, It costs me what it has cost for several years now. If it grows beyond that... I'll think about that if it does start to grow.

I am assuming those of you who followed my invite to this page understand the "Strike the Root" phrase. The intended purpose is to determine how best to strike the root by sharing ideas on how to do this.

If you all would be so kind as to pop over the the Guest Book to let me know you've visited...

(I will edit Mr. X's chosen nym once I know what it is.)

In discussion with Mr. X, we agree that exposing the Illegitimacy of the State a.k.a. the Government is the number one goal.

My focus also incorporates Larken Rose's TMDS, which is The Most Dangerous Superstition, the belief in authority.

So there is no equivocation by the foes of liberty, The authority being discussed is the belief that some humans have a right to extort compliance out of other humans. This is not to be confused with the authority of superior knowledge.

For comparison of the two, I'll rant about idiots cutting the third prong off of electric cords. The (alleged) authority of law would demand penalties for doing such action. The authority of knowledge would explain why is such a bad (stupid) idea. This authority gets respected upon learning the claimant is correct and actually has superior knowledge. (Note to self: Create explaining post.) End detour.

Thus, in the context of my discussion with Mr. X, Striking the root entails exposing the government's lack of legitimacy. Because of my interactions with certain liars... Excuse me, I meant to type lawyers, I choose "bogus" instead of "illegitimate". Striking the root entails exposing the government's bogosity.
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