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U.S. Federal Income Tax

Subjugation by taxation

Commissioner Everson Fails to Answer

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What we'd like to do now is ah open up the floor to questions for both the ah state tax administrators and the ah IRS.

Um... Mark...There are a group of standing outside today who assert that no law requires to pay taxes and that you will not answer their petition to government...
ah as to whether required pay tax....

Are they required [to] pay taxes?
And what, what, what do you say to them?

I've been paying my taxes ever since I was ah twelve.

I've been paying my taxes ever since I had my first job,  and I think it... it's aye, it's uh fundamental... ah construct of our nation that, that....  Those of us.. who ah-um... expect and demand the services from our government...  that the government provides be they the protection of our country through the military or be they ah the education of our children or be they the protection of our environment that, that we must pay for those services.

So yes I think there is a fundamental obligation and ah that, that it's an understood and well excepted one, ah...



The fundamental assertion being made here is there is no law that requires you pay taxes, that people are tricked into paying taxes.
So the question they keep asking is what law requires them to pay taxes.

Lemme ah help here Dave..

As you know there any number of court cases that duh uh have been, have asserted our right to levy taxes.

And I would duh recommend that anybody who has any questions about whether or not they should be paying taxes, to go to IRS.GOV and take a look at the uh.. uh issues that we have there that respond to phony tax schemes advising people that they don't have an obligation to to pay taxes.
So there's alot of information out there and a lot of information on our website that should assist anybody that has any question about the legality of taxes.
And there's plenty of court cases that support our right to assert
And ah levy taxes under title twenty six

        The IRS website, features a document titled, "The Truth About Frivolous Tax Arguments".

        The document has no document "ID" number, no author, no publication date and is not listed as an official publication of the U.S. Government or U.S. Department of Treasury.

        Following the press converence, IRS senior spokesman, Terry L. Lemons, told the Times that IRS & DOJ were answering the Peoples questions about U.S. tax law with "enforcement actions".

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