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Dale Eastman:

But you are going to read this anyway, aren't you?

You may think I'm a bit arrogant in assuming that you are a coward. I think that the statistics are on my side. Not only am I assuming that you are a coward, I'm assuming that you are an ignorant slave who believes he is free. I was once like you, so I know of this which I write.

The first act of bravery required for you to overcome your cowardice, is to continue reading after I challenge and decimate any one of your sacred beliefs and thereby upset your world view. My own previous act of cowardice was when I turned away from information that disturbed my world view. When I refer to a world view, I am referring to one's perceptions of how things in that world work.

Misperceptions are how magicians do their magic. Magic is all slight of hand, smoke and mirrors, misdirection, deception, and interfering with your clear view of what is actually going on. Magicians don't like you standing behind them when they are performing. It makes their slight of hand and misdirection easier to see. Magicians don't want you to see how they deceive you.

I am going to describe what is observed from the spectator side of the stage, then I'm going to describe what I see from my vantage point standing behind the magician.

In its simplest form, a law is a command. In the following scenarios I am focusing on a single command, thou shalt have no lilacs growing on your property.

Let us imagine we live in the days of yore and you are the subject of your King. In the King's travels around his kingdom the King passes your house and smells lilac. The King tells you that he wants all the lilac plants removed and destroyed. His wish is your command, it is a law you are required to obey. Since you are a good law abiding citizen-subject, you uproot the lilacs and burn them.

Now let us imagine that Person B is one of the king's subjects just like you. Person B and you are equals. You both happen to be in the era where the king just released your colonies from his rule. In Person B's travels around the colony Person B passes your house and smells lilac. Person B tells you that he wants all the lilac plants removed and destroyed. Why are you laughing at Person B?

Since you and Person B are equals, Person B has no right-authority-power to order you to destroy your lilacs and you know it. You are laughing at Person B because you know his command does not apply to you.

Now let us examine the reality of today. In today's age we are civilized and subject to the rule of law. During a patrol a public safety officer passes by your house and smells lilac. The officer issues you written notice to remove the lilac plants citing the law making it illegal for you to have lilac plants on your property. You dig up the lilac plants and burn them because you believe the command (the law) applies to you.

In observing the audience I see that the magician's slight of hand has made people believe that other people have the right or authority to command them. They might complain about the stupid anti-lilac law, but they will comply.

How does the magician make people believe this?

The magician has provided you with a right to vote to choose a representative. This representative will write, dicker, and then vote with other representatives regarding a new law and if 51% of the representatives voting agree that thou shalt have no lilacs growing on your property, then that is the law and thou shalt have no lilacs growing on your property. Of course the backdrop of the stage is set with scenery telling you that your vote makes a difference.

There are logical flaws and delusions in this theory.

Any person who represents another is called an agent. The person being represented is called the principal. The agent is required to obey the principal's wishes. Your wish is that there is to be no anti-lilac law and you voted for person A to keep the anti-lilac bill from becoming law. Person B won the election and is now the elected representative. Person B voted to make the anti-lilac bill into law which is exactly opposite of what you wanted your representative, your agent, to do for you. Person B does not represent you. Only a delusional person would claim Person B represents them.

Why are you not laughing at Person B now? Has the magician deceived you into believing that Person B's commands apply to you?


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