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« on: September 14, 2020, 07:24:37 AM »
Does he mention the $17 trillion in offshore tax havens? (panama/paradise papers?)

Does he mention that min wage hasn't increased in decades, despite productivity increasing?

Does he mention the exponentially incresaing poverty, food banks, homelessness?

Does he mention the effect lockdowns and bankster bailouts had on the economy?

Does he mention... anything other than just blaming kids for not being as fucking stupid and gormless as he is?

Off shore protection from extortion and theft by the criminal syndicate called government? Not to be confused with cronyism, regulatory capture, & monopolies.

Minimum wage... The orders of a criminal syndicate called government. And what of jobs that go away because a business is operating on the margin. Labor gets too expensive and now there's machines that can perfectly flip burgers. Productivity my be increasing, so may all the other expenses in that producing. Have you got the internal paperwork that breaks out the expenses of production?

Poverty? Like having 25% of your payroll stolen by the criminal syndicate called government before you even see it?

Lockdowns? By who? The criminal syndicate called government?

Bankster bailouts? By who? The criminal syndicate called government?

And that last comment? Apply it to yourself;
For your failure to understand the satire and the truth in the writing; and for your failure to understand "TINSTAAFL".

What flavor of Marxist / Leninist are you?

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