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Posted by: Dale Eastman
« on: September 08, 2022, 10:54:15 AM »

Let's remain anonymous. And I'm just playing along, I will say I am also new to the earth. I have yet to feel the 66,660 miles per hour spin as we hurtle through space. At a quick glance at the horizon I do not see a curvature, but an actual horizon separating earth and sky.
Anon it is.

Your words that you are "just playing along" makes me wonder if you actually are a flat earth believer. By taking the same view as I am, being new to earth, suggests that you might be as about logic as I am.
No matter... You've brought up some points to digest.

The first is not feeling the rotational motion. I'm going to address this from a linear motion point first.

Eyes closed or blindfolded in a car one does not feel the vector motion. The reason one knows one is in motion is because the the forces of yaw, pitch, and roll from the car's motion changing from bumps and dips in the road. Object in motion unless acted upon by a force.

These forces of acceleration and deceleration can be felt and measured. Top fuel dragster drivers feel 5 G's of acceleration at their backs and 1 G of force on their asses. Gravity and acceleration interact with physical objects such that measurement and feel are the same.

Your bathroom scale works by measuring the force of your ass, through your legs and feet onto the scale platform. 1 G has been determined equivalent to an accel or decel of 32 feet per second squared or 9.8 meters per second squared.

A better analog than a 60 mph car is a 600 mph jet. In straight level flight in clear air without turbulence, one does NOT feel the motion. BTDT. Side note trivia, they run them about 400 to 450 mph to get better fuel mileage.

Your "66,660 miles per hour spin" is in error. The spin at the surface is approx 25,000 miles/ 24 hours, or 1,142 mph. The 66,660 mph figure is vaguely familiar... IIRC that is the composite speed of all the motions of the earth. Setting that aside, watch an analog clock for awhile. Understand that the axle the hour hand is attached to is spinning twice as fast as the earth.

1142 mph ÷ 60 ÷ 60 = 0.3172 miles per second.
0.3172 miles per second = 510.516 meters per second.

This discussion was a good reason for me to look up shit I learned 45 years ago and forgot 49 years ago.
I copy-pasted this formula for determining the forces created by rotation, found online.

a = (v)(v)/r

High school algebra...

a = v² ÷ r

a = (510.516 m/s)² ÷ 6378000 m

a = 0.0408 m/s²

The difference of your weight at the equator v. at the pole =====
You will lose (0.0408 ÷ 9.8 × 100) 0.4% of your weight.
This means the 10 pound force of gravity on that iron mass at the pole will only be 9.96 pounds at the equator.
Is your kinesthesia so good that you could tell if your arms and legs lost 0.4% if their weight?

Moving on to your next point...

glance at the horizon I do not see a curvature, but an actual horizon separating earth and sky

Am I to assume that as you have never had a window seat in a commercial jet at 35,000 feet?

What you have described seeing is the apparent line between earth and sky. Is there an actual edge to a flat earth? If so, how would you determine how far away that edge is?
Posted by: Dale Eastman
« on: September 08, 2022, 10:12:20 AM »

If I find flat earth beliefs in your posts in my feed, I am going to pretend I am new to the earth and ask you questions. If you do not engage with me and my questions honestly, I'll remove you as a friend.
You can hold the official gubmint globe earth views if you want to.
NASA is still a corrupt alphabet agency.
Congrats, you're the first to take me up on my offer.

First thing, and for the record, I know NASA is corrupt. I'll hold off on supplying the evidence that that view is correct and provable.
Repeating the words in the bait post, I am going to pretend I am new to the earth and ask you questions.
How do you know the earth is flat?
Quote from: 8sep1111
Also, I am publicly archiving discussions such as this on my website. Usually I remove identifying things like my discussion partner's name. Do you want to be anonymous or named in this archive?