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A compendium of websites, books, press releases, and
deductions describing alleged CIA nefarious actions.

The CIA recently released the “family jewels” that detail a number of operations in which the Company offended societal norms or actually violated laws. Even then, it appears to be a highly censored gloss on known ancient surreptitious actions.

Credit must be given to Steve Kangas for compiling a chronology of CIA foreign covert operations based upon William Blum’s book KILLING HOPE.  The CIA has interfered with and overthrown many foreign governments using the School of the Americas to recruit agents in place. Kangas’ list is available on numerous websites by using CIA ATROCITIES in a search engine. His epic work documenting the death of 100’s of thousands resulting from CIA actions shall not be duplicated. One estimate is over six million were killed by 1987.  The release of the “family jewels” confirms Blum and Kangas’ documentation.   

It is impossible to read any candid article on the CIA that does not contain details of actions which are not acceptable with sociological standards.  They routinely describe procedures to deceive Congress, to overthrow established governments, to engage in theft and murder without end, and to conceal their nefarious acts behind national security. The instances where affected parties encounter “accidental death” or “suicide” is statistically beyond comparison. ;

Numerous sources link the CIA with JFK's assassination. One source is PLAUSIBLE DENIAL by Mark Lane wherein a federal jury in Miami concluded the CIA was involved. One witness testified he had seen a CIA memo relating to the action before the event.   Additional testimony was given by a member of the CIA hit team.    HIGH TREASON by John Groden includes a digital analysis of the police open mike recording given before the Warren Commission Rehearing to locate the sources of gun shots. They did not come from the book depository. ACT OF TREASON by Mark North details involvement of the FBI in the cover-up.

E. Howard Hunt's son recently made public statements that his dying father detailed CIA involvement in the killing. The son identifies his father as one of the tramps escorted from the railroad yard by men costumed as Dallas police officers.   CIA agent Margarita Lopez identified Hunt, under oath in federal court, as being at a Dallas motel delivering cash to CIA agent Frank Sturgis. The two had traveled from Miami with other Cuban CIA agents equipped with costumes and a trunk full of firearms the day before the assassination. Ref. MARGARITA by M. Lopez.

The vehement hostility JFK faced from the CIA, the Pentagon, and from the Department of State in his pursuit of peace is documented by James Douglass in JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE as the cause of his assassination.

There was an item on the internet by a reporter who claimed to be in the basement of the Dallas police building when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. He claimed there was no blood found on the floor. Strange. The Dallas chief of police was the brother of CIA Deputy Director General P. Cabell who was canned in the purge by JFK after the Bay of Pigs. Strange. It has also been stated that the assistant Dallas police chief, after having failed his responsibility for the safety of both JFK and LHO, was promoted to Chief of Police. Weird.

This is the same CIA that has been connected with the trafficking of drugs within the U.S. by Gary Webb in DARK ALLIANCES; Terry Reed in COMPROMISED; Rodney Stich in DRUGGING AMERICA; Jonathan Kwitney in ENDLESS ENEMIES.  Also CONSPIRATORS: SECRETS OF AN IRAN-CONTRA INSIDER by Al Martin (including special mention of Robert Gates); WHITEOUT by Alex Cockburn;  THE POLITICS OF HEROIN: THE CIA COMPLICITY IN THE GLOBAL DRUG TRADE by Alfred W. McCoy; THE FINAL JUDGMENT by ex-CIA agent Michael Collins Piper. The operation includes the use of military aircraft and facilities. 

THE CRIMES OF PATRIOTS: A TRUE TALE OF DOPE, DIRTY MONEY & THE CIA  by Jonathan  Kwitney includes the CIA’s ownership of the Nugan Hand Bank and the strange death of the owner. Perhaps an individual would want to hear Janet Reno acknowledge the practice at while link gives a time line for CIA involvement in drug trafficking from 1947.  Alfred W. McCoy in THE POLITICS OF HEROIN: CIA COMPLICITY IN THE GLOBAL DRUG TRADE details the Asian drug connection.

The CIA's support for death squads throughout the world is documented in DEADLY DECEITS, THE MEMOIRS OF AN EX-CIA OPERATIVE, by Ralph McGehee. Ref.     

(snipped for length.  file is attached.)