Author Topic: Guest writer on the flaws of the CONstitution (sic)  (Read 957 times)

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Guest writer on the flaws of the CONstitution (sic)
« on: January 28, 2022, 09:17:30 AM »
The FEDGOV have invalidated their own (f)law by their actions. No equal protections, no equal treatment, the (f)law is of no effect. The flaws in the foundation are now evident. The house is no longer attached and is divided. They must be repaired or the house can no longer stand.

Our society has old systemic problems that the "system" cannot fix.

A. The 7 Truths of the Declaration of Independence (DoI) are the foundational principles that the Constitution & (Bill of Rights) were to secure as per Truth 4.

B. The Constitution has failed to do that because of 4 systemic deficiencies in the Constitution.

1. The 7 Truths of the Declaration of Independence (foundational principles/truths) were not included specifically in the body text of the CONstitution therefore, the Supreme Court and the rest of FEDGOV is unanswerable for any infringements, injuries, or trespasses of the 7 Truths. SCOTUS can rule ANY WAY they choose, period. As explained in Anti-Federalists paper 11.

2. No Fiduciary requirements in elected or appointed office, bureaucracy, or courts are instituted, for the good ONLY, of the people. Oaths are only to uphold the Constitution in all its flaws, misrepresentations, and deficiencies against the good of the people. Oaths only establish a continuity of (f)Law whether for the good or ill of the people and the only penalty for doing harm is being voted out if elected (Does not apply to unelected, appointed bureacrats aka deep state).

3. As a result of 1 & 2 Slavery was instutionalized, and continued, along with indentured servitude. They again missed the chance to eliminate slavery in the text body of the CONstitution. Thus making the immorality of Master/Slave part of the continuity of FEDGOV. The ability by SCOTUS to change word meanings, and a plethora of FED (f)aws puts everyone in jeopardy of (f)law violation, the 13th amendment not withstanding against. FEDGOV only exists to continue the existence of FEDGOV not to maintain or secure the the 7 Truths ,or the Bill of Rights which were to restrain FEDGOV from encroachments.

4. Qualified immunity clauses for elected officials and others allow theft of life, liberty, and property without equal justice, recompensation, and repair to the injured, infringed, and plundered. Allowing loss of Life, Liberty, and Property under the "color of law" without the injurers being held personally responsible only encourages further tresspass and infringement.

Until those 4 systemic defects are remedied, NOTHING will change or fix the track we are on!

Ironically, Constitutionalists use the DoI's "consent of the governed" as an ambigious catch-all term to justify all kinds of infringements.
I never consented to anything with full transparency of the terms, conditions, rights, obligations, and nature of this CONsent.
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