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Another consensus reality lie


Dale Eastman:
If you believe own something, because you have fully paid off the money you owed the lender, yet you can quickly loose it by getting behind on the payments to some other entity, your belief that you own it is provably false.

If you own your home outright because you have paid off the mortgage company, you are no longer required to make monthly payments.
That prior sentence is ofttimes provably false.
If you don't pay government the rent required to live in your own home, government will put you on the street.
I personally know a family that lost their home because of the county government the home was located in.

I'll not broadcast my thoughts on the matter.

I will only state that:
Natural Law mattered when the Magna Carta was written in 1215.
Natural Law mattered when the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776.
Natural Law matters when another human attempts to do harm to you.
Natural Law matters when another human does harm to you and refuses to fix the harm.
Natural Law is Quid Pro Quo.


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