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Examining the claims about Covid-19 ☣


Dale Eastman:
At first the safety procedures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 were plausible.
The world did not know how contagious the virus was.
The world did not know how deadly the virus was.
And by "world" I also specifically include the "experts"; The epidemiologists and the infectious disease experts.
As of mid August, 2020, I'm convinced none of the expert's forecasts are near the mark of what is being seen.

While I had a wait and see attitude, my original concerns then, and my current concerns now, were/are:
How contagious? How deadly?

Rumor has it, the Lame Stream Media keeps harping on "new cases".

What about the fatality rate?

What about the fatality rate is the reason I've put this post together.

The source of these numbers is the Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services.

The numbers in bold are "theirs". The rest are "mine". I have been sporadically collecting their numbers and putting them in a spreadsheet. The rest of the numbers are calculated in my spreadsheet using their numbers.

Dale Eastman:
The Wisconsin Department of Health had changed the website and thus some of the data I was tracking seemed to go missing.

I am no longer updating a spread sheet. I am putting the statistical numbers in a clone post of the previous update, then recalculating the ratios with the new stats.

I then snapshot the screen to make a "meme" image, mostly for publishing on Fecalbook in reply to the idiots that have swallowed the main stream news' bullshit.


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