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What then, is the goal?


Dale Eastman:
I'm storing this here as a reminder to myself.
I am a member of Marc Stevens' website forum, And Marc's website is scheduled to go away.
I am thinking the minutia of the goals, whatever they may or should be, needs to be examined in detail.
I do this first as a means of attempting to collect my thoughts since many of them go hither and yon.

To quote Marc, they guy whose website we are on, one goal is to Bring about a Voluntary Society.

This thread is located in the General Discussion section of the No STATE Projects board.
As used here and elsewhere, the state is synonymous with government.
To govern is to rule.
To govern is to control.
To control is to force somebody to do, or not do, some action. 

The actual meaning of Anarchy is no rulers and its extension: No ruling class.

Ruling is based on Do what you are told or be hurt.
That doesn't look like a Voluntary Society to me.
The victim's interaction with the ruler is not voluntary.
So the victim would certainly know that he or she wants to be left alone. (eye)

As a grumpy curmudgeon, I certainly know that I want to be left un-aggravated.
And I certainly know that I wish to be left alone by people who act like they own me.
So I've coined the labels YDOMism and YDOMist. As in: You Don't Own Me.

My hope is that statist drones can connect with nobody owns them either.
What happened to that 5 year old who asks another child, "Who made you the boss of me?"

That is a question that has been indoctrinated out of most adults.
And of course, with new found knowledge, or more specifically breaking out of the indoctrination,
I now ask Who made people called government the boss of me?
Inherent in the question, child or adult, is the premise that somebody or some thing was already the boss and merely delegated the boss-ness.

It's turtles all the way down and it's Who made you the boss of me all the way up.

Transforming the question to Who gave you authority over me? connects the inquiry to an alleged chain of authority (command).
Now each link in a chain of authority has a preceding link that can be examined.
The only thing needing to be examined is each link's preceding link for the purpose of getting to the originating link.
Whence comes authority?

Do what you are told to do or you will be hurt is not authority, it's extortion.
Extortion is not authority. Statists believe it is.


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