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Dale Eastman:

--- Quote from: Tim Wingate ---The problem IS the CONstitution. It is time for New Minutemen and Minutewomen!
People keep arguing "but the Constitution says..." like a bunch of theologians arguing over interpretation of some Holy Scribbles. The CONSTITUTION has been followed. As Lysander Spooner said over 100 years ago, "But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain - that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist."
The CON was systemically flawed from the beginning, the anti-federalists knew it, but were swayed by a promise of a Bill of rights. However, Brutus in #11 identifies one major issue in that SCOTUS has no actual limits or boundaries for interpretations. They DO NOT have to interpret according to the 7 Self-evident Truths identified in the Declaration of Independence that ARE the Moral and True REASONS that this nation EXISTS! Until the CON includes in the body of the document these Moral Foundational Principles NOTHING WILL CHANGE! You are complaining about moral wrong against a legal right. Everything depends on the whim & caprice of the black robed gang's "interpretation" of what is or isn't CONSTITUTIONAL. Not what is just and true according to the founding Document but rather what maintains the FEDGOV control over its subjects, (continuity of government). Therefore the things complained about are "legal" NOT Lawful according to the Highest Law (NATURAL LAW) cited as the paramount standard that justified the separation from the Law of the King and Parliament!
Some say "we need to go back to the Constitution." I ask, "Which one?" Since 1789 there have been at least 19 versions (1789 original + 10amendments =2 + 17 amendments =19 PLUS all the interpretations and reinterpretations adjusting changing "original intent," parsing meanings, introducing meanings, finding shadows of meanings, etc. ad nauseam. Trying to fix a systemically flawed system with that flawed system is a "fool's errand"!
Until the 5 foundational flaws are fixed nothing will substantially change. Remember, John Adam's, a Federalist, said that "this Constitution is only good for a moral and religious people." Our FEDGOV is infested with the immoral and irreligious. In the mean time good people of good moral character as defined by Nature's Law and Nature's God need to stand up, throw off the burka of a false moral system that limits and monopolises "justice", supplanting Natural Law and Nature's God with a "legal" system based on the majority opinion (democracy) of the corrupted, by asserting the Natural Rights endowed by the Creator of the right to rectification from injury to life, liberty, or property (pursuit of happiness) directly from the injurers! Remove the order followers that protect the order givers! Clean out the temples of the Republic, reset the foundations, and rekindle that 1st love of Freedom, Equality, & Justice.
The superior Natural Law must be reasserted by word and deed BEFORE the 5 flaws of the Constitution can be fixed IF that ambigious, flawed, mutable CON could be repaired without the usual encroachments of subtle New Feudalism are inserted by modern day Hamiltonians. There is no other way. Power must be removed from the corrupt.
1. The 7 self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence must be written into the body of the Constitution as its guiding light and moral compass.
2. Fiduciary responsibility is also inserted into the body so that all actions by any government officials (elected, appointed, etc.) are bound to do ONLY what is good for the people, with criminal penalties attached for failure.
3. SCOTUS is specifically required to interpret based on the 7 Truths.
4. All forms of "qualified immunity" are removed for ALL government officials, (elected, appointed, hired, etc.) in their job performances.
5. NO "grandfathering" of existing statutes, codes, laws, policies, EOs, that do not comport with the 7 Truths. That's it. No other structural changes to the framework.
What is also needed are individual freepeople, modern minutemen to recognize their Creator given unalienable Natural Law rights to assert defensive retribution action against an aggressor as the Founders did in their assertions in the Declaration of Independence. This country was formed on the assertion of Natural Law NOT the CONstitution. A leaderless resistance of moral people who visit measured retribution on the aggressor individually will stop this Communist takeover by our own useful idiots. A higher LAW must be asserted against this presumed superior (f)law just as the Founders did against the King's law.
It is imperative to assert Natural Law as the Highest moral law that has the justification for rectifying retaliation action against any who have aggressed. Imagine a phalanx of quiet, secret minutemen, or women, who disappear the aggressors. No one knows who they are, but their targets are plentiful. The more government tries to control, the more individuals are fed up and resist on their own terms. It is better, right, true, and just to apply Nature's Law resistance and remedy. Embrace the Natural Law morality and reject man's made-up "legal immorality" posing as "law" with action!!!
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