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Dale Eastman:

I have known for a long time that at least some prominent mass casualty and mass shooting events were competely fake events, drills presented as real in the media. But I thought the horrible massacre of 19 kids in Uvalde Texas was real. BUT...
A friend sent me a Twitter item which spotted something startling. Anderson Cooper interviewed one alleged father from Uvalde who shows a picture of his allegedly murdered daughter. But this is put side by side with another interview done by another reporter broadcast on another network of another allegedly grieving father who shows a picture and names the name of his allegedly murdered little girl. Problem? It’s the same picture and even the same name. So these very unconvincing fathers are the bad actors they appeared to be.
Same (allegedly real) girl, two (allegedly real) fathers, one for each network.
This is a solid indiction, it is practically proof positive that this alleged massacre was a completely phoney incident! I am sure that Angeli Rose Gomez who entered the school and extracted her two kids is a real person and really did that, I’m sure of this because that act of hers was reported locally right away and it so busts up the narrative that it can’t be explained as part of the narrative.
My take: The interviews published here were pre-recorded. Two interviews of different actors both recorded, one by CNN using Cooper, the one they published was the only one CNN wanted to broadcast. The other one seems to have been leaked to this other outlet! Anderson Cooper is veteran I call Mr Greenscreen because of his role in selling the phoney Sandy Hook massacre with the phoney Sandy Hook parents.
I think the parents who rushed to the scene and tried to intervene were real parents with real kids in that real school. But I bet none of them will turn out to have lost their real kids. The teacher alleged to have been murdered, her alleged husband allegedly died hours later of a heart attack as Daily Mail published complete with pictures of these alleged people. That puts a period on that story, doesn’t it.
I think I’m beginning to see how his magic trick was performed. The local people, the real parents and real teachers who could be telling the world that these teachers and these children who were said to be shot are unknown to them, how tough will it be to make sure these people keep their mouths shut?
The big clue right off the bat was the unreasonable actions of these so-called cops. They didn't even look like cops at all. And who else but NSA (or CIA or FBI) could block border patrol officers? Local cops? Doesn't make sense!
It was a routine, a fake atrocity. Only monkey wrench in the works was that this is a real town with real parents and a real school that really was operating with real teachers and real kids. Uvalde is not like Sandy Hook, which is a CIA "Disney-type" town where everybody is on the Secret Intelligence payroll in one way or another. Sandy Hook Elementary was a non functioning abandoned building with no real kids in it. I think this school is real but the incident was phoney. The actions of the parents who mobbed and screamed and especially Mrs Gomez are solid evidence that the town and school are real.
The alleged classroom where the alleged shooter was holed up? Doesn't have to be real. The Border Patrol agents who got a master key and opened the door, what did they really find? An empty room which they immediately knew damn well they had better NEVER talk about if they want to keep on living?
Were real citizens bribed? I don’t think that’s how it works. Threatened maybe.
There was big money for the Sandy Hook actors and the Boston Bombing actors. How many actors are really a part of Uvalde at all? Do they need any actors from Uvalde? The real parents have taken their real kids home safe and the real teachers are also safe. Do these real citizens need to know anything? No.
Do they know there's something fishy? Do they know that they never heard of these supposed murdered people on the TV news? If any of them do guess the truth, the more they know the more intimidated they will be. Nobody from CNN is interviewing any of them because they didn't "lose any kids”. What could even the real parents who mobbed the so-called cops out side the school have to say? What could Angeli Rose Gomez have to say? They got their kids back safe and they never saw any bodies or blood. They may have heard gunshots. That’s it.
If they suspect that this was a phoney incident they will be all the more frightened because in effect their real kids have been threatened and so have they. They aren't stupid. They will be the people in all of America most anxious that this story die quickly. The more the spotlight is on Uvalde, the more conspiracy people will be coming around snooping and sniffing and threatening the lives and the kids of anybody dumb enough to talk to them.
This is how mafia payoffs work, and the CIA/NSA/DHS these are essentially mafia orgs. You take the money. If you don’t take the money we’ll shut you up another way. Be smart. You know the score, right? So shut your mouth and take the money. Or shut your mouth without the money. Your payment is that you and your wife and kids don’t have an accident. Get it?
If you saw nothing that’s great. You saw nothing. You know nothing. You got nothing to say. So shut up about it. Get it?
The town of Uvalde is going to get big $$$ for a new library, a new police station, a new golf course and park and whatever. And lawsuits will be dropped. And the news cameras will go away. And wise asses like me who think they know the score but are too invulnerable to know when to shut the fuck up will get no further word on the whole deal.
But now I think I do know more about what’s really what. And it’s very sad. I don't know for sure that this was a fake incident. More information may come up to persuade me that 19 kids really did die. I sure hope not.
But a least for now let’s you and me take great comfort in this: we have found reason to believe that 19 real kids and 2 real teachers did not really die. That is a very happy thing!


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