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I fought for you


Dale Eastman:
I used to think the same as you appear to think to me. Once I pulled that statist government bullshit wool off my face that ended.

I was a U.S. Army soldier from March '76 to March '80.

Wanna piss me off? Thank me for my service.

"I fought for you." What propaganda bullshit.
The military knows what soldiers fight for. Their buddies in their unit. That was even part of my basic training.

I can not fault you for your nescience. You were educated in a government school. As was I.

To put this in perspective, Not long after getting my draft card, Nixon brought us "Peace with honor." I also remember the daily body counts on the 6pm news. It was not without thought about what being in the military entails that I enlisted.

I ask the reader to look beyond the fake deaths they see in entertainment stories. Think about warm red blood running over your hands and turning brown. Think about your own blood running over your hands as your vision blacks out from the periphery to the center as you bleed out... And die. Think about someone you know and were close to who has died.

For this writing, I am first defining "war" as the individual's situation of being in a kill or be killed situation.

I ask how does a war, a kill or be killed situation happen at a government's behest?

It takes two or more 'governments' to create a situation of war, where folks are forced into kill or be killed situations. It takes folks in kill or be killed situations. As was said during the 'Nam "police action", war when the euphemism is called what it actually is... (Tell me politicians lying ain't so.) Suppose they gave a war and nobody came. Drawing from the Science Fiction series DEFIANCE, suppose all the gun toting fools became defiant of their own rulers and tyrants? Fools no more.

WW2 because some idiots believed Hitler had valid authority to tell them to invade Poland.
Pearl Harbor because some politicians and their lackeys basically threatened the Japs politically, forcing them to attack Pearl.
And hid the fact that somebody knew they were coming to Pearl because their code had been broken.
All to enrage Americans into changing their isolationist policy.

As to the military engaged in 'Nam... Every one of them was a Merc. This is not debatable, but if fools insist, I will discuss.


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