Author Topic: What to do about Nazi masking and shots.  (Read 165 times)

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What to do about Nazi masking and shots.
« on: August 07, 2021, 08:16:17 AM »
Superseded by this post:

For those of you not getting the shots; How do you plan on remaining shot free?

Per the Declaration of Independence, all of us humans are created with equal rights. Per that same declaration, it is a self-evident truth that I have a right to life.

As of this document's drafting, the ratio of Wisconsin dead from (alleged) covid to the Wisconsin population is 0.128%.
A look online finds the ratio of dead from car crashes to the National population is 0.934%.
You have a seven times greater chance of death from driving to get here.

Your right to life does NOT preclude my right to choose to not be injected by an untested experimental chemical concoction.

If I am forced to get this experimental chemical concoction and any adverse reactions happen to me, you personally will be responsible to save and hold harmless myself and/or my next of kin for ANY financial harm that comes from this injection. Any adverse reactions to this experimental chemical concoction will be done to you. If I die, you will be killed. If I am maimed and rendered incapacitated, so to will you be maimed and incapacitated.

Legal opinions will be without standing. This will happen regardless of the law.

By forcing me out of employment, you are forcing me to be a pauper. Desperate people are forced to crime to survive. Natural Law: You take from me; I take from you.

Sign here; You agree to all the above:________________________________
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