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« on: September 27, 2022, 05:54:05 PM »
Deflect, Deny, Denounce: the MAGA creed. Levin speaks as though the Right doesn’t endorse and proliferate its beliefs and ideologies with disinformation, or conspicuously express its desires to disabuse the Left of their political leanings. Oh, the irony.
Words not your strong suit?
If you want to check the strength of my words, go read my website.
I doubt neither the validity nor the adroitness of your words, for I have no experience with them regarding your defense of an argument or familiarity with your website. I do question the assumptions underpinning your post, as there are multiple bipartisan candidates in the Nov 2022 midterms/2024 midterms/2024 Presidential election—and you’ve no idea for whom I will vote. Assumptions and innuendo inhibit critical reasoning.
I have my own agenda and goal.

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