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Placed for TW for tuning
« on: December 04, 2021, 01:50:31 PM »
Simple Equation
This nation was founded on the 7 self- evident truths, expressed in the Declaration of Independence, which were founded on Nature's Law which is 5000+ years old in the earliest codified record we have, which contains the Natural Right to repair and/or rectification of injury directly from the injurer. Nature's Law is Superior to the Constitution as the Constitution is only the third form of self-instituted government formed to secure the Natural Rights of the people. The Constitution is subordinate to Natural Law in ALL ways it contradicts it. The Founders found that after years of following man's law to fix a broken system (King's, Parliment's, Ecclesiastical) that their only recourse was to invoke a Higher Law for the rectitude of their resistance. The Constitution no longer secures the rights of the people. Those that enforce powers derived from a corrupted Constitution are the injurers and are the rightful targets of rectification. If they do not repair the injuries done to life, liberty, and property (contained within pursuit of happiness) then it is MORALLY Right to use whatever force is necessary to seize from their property, liberty, or life as compensation to the injured.
Natural Law Matters