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MC again Sept 2022
« on: September 28, 2022, 04:30:43 PM »
Quote from: Image of gal ready to puke
How I feel when people talk about picking their next ruler.
Quote from: 28 14:34
You'd rather not choose?
Quote from: 28 15:04
MC is a...
believe they are choosing a Leader
Votards don't understand
Leaders don't need men with guns
to make people obey
Quote from: 28 15:55
Thats a false dichotomy and fallacy of composition. Some leaders are good and some leaders are bad, the key is to find out which is which and getting the good to control the bad, and its not "a" leader or "a" ruler, it's plural...
Quote from: 28 15:56
Rules have to come from somewhere... Every anarchist is just a baffled dictator
Quote from: 28 16:21
MC is a ...
a Statist Idiot
Quote from: 28 16:21
Lemme know when you are ready for an adult conversation.
Quote from: 28 16:35
are you scared shitless of the word "ruler" or do you belive that rules fall from the skies?
Quote from: 28 17:11
He's in Norway. I blocked him. I should block you just because you refuse to have adult conversation.

I'll be giving you the benefit of doubt in my next reply to you.

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