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« on: December 22, 2022, 12:50:32 PM »
My problem with religion is not so much a talking snake,
Noah's ark or Jonah's whale.
It is the existence of evil in front of the benevolent / omnipotent god's nose.
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Yet, we choose free will
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Question: without God, how does anyone define "evil"?
Quote from: 22 1421
I have been aware of your posts for awhile now.

I must publicly present my kudos to you for providing that one little bit of evidence that changed my lack of conclusion regarding Chemtrail/Contrail, to my conclusion, "Yes, those order obeying morons ARE spraying poison in the air.

You have presented me with a dilemma. I want to be polite, yet I do not find the topic matter to be befitting of politeness being owed.

I will do my best to engage with politeness with you that others have not earned. So I will answer your question at face value...

I like that you are asking a probative question. If that was my probative question, I would as, "How does anyone define "evil"?" YET, I have had enough online discussion to where I know such a question (in my case) is not specific enough. I'm not asking the thoughts to the answer... yet. So I know that I would have to ask the question with these words:

What, specifically, do YOU mean by "evil".

I have had... a... set of words on my screen tell me to look up a word thus challenged in a dictionary. I did NOT ask what is in the dictionary. (Deep breath, untrigger myself.) I asked the fingers on the other end what THEY meant when using the word.

I hacked the front of your question off because, as I just asked the question, what is in another person's mind defining evil is what I am interested in. The second reason for the cut is I challenge the implied assumption in the question that god even exists.

How do I define evil without god? If a human deliberately does harm to another human, then the human doing harm is doing evil.

If a human works for government, that human is doing deliberate evil. Many of them are too stupid to understand that they are doing evil, so they will not wrap their minds around their deliberate evil actions. A good example of this is the office person at the Zyklon B factory invoicing Hitler's government for the product.

And since the provable fact is that the government does not have a right to rule... Enslaving people by fraud is government's evil act. Which requires humans to do the labor of the imaginary person called government. So anyone in government is doing evil.
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