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What makes a claim a fact in a court room?


Dale Eastman:
Dear prosecutor, dear judge, but I repeat myself.
How does a claim become a fact in a court room?
Is it true that fraud vitiates everything is touches?

Is it true that there are four minimum basic elements required in order for a contract to exist?
Is it true that these four elements; an offer; a consideration; an acceptance; and a mutual agreement (a meeting of minds); are the minimum elements for a contract to exist?
Is it true that the Declaration of Independence is one of the organic documents creating government in the United States?
Does the Declaration of Independence claim governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed?

Does the prosecutor have any evidence to prove I consented to be governed, such as my signature on a certified consent form containing the rules I consented to?

Is it true that a contract is void if fraud has touched it?

Motion for dismissal with prejudice.


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