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Dale Eastman:
We all know that extortion is when somebody is told "Do what we tell you to do or we will hurt you." We all know that extortion is what a bad person, a criminal, does to a victim.

Organized crime syndicates use a method of extortion called a protection racket. "If you don't pay us to protect you, we won't protect you (from us)." "From us" may be brazenly stated or only implied.

Extortion is used as a means of control. Extortion is used to control others. Thus to extort is to govern.

Elected politicians write rules. These politician's rules are written demands to be obeyed under threat of being hurt if you don't obey. Politician's rules are extortion. This extortion also encompasses edicts from dictators and monarchs. Thus politician's rules are extortion.

That government is an organized criminal syndicate can not be defended by logic or by morality. Yet its brainwashed, indoctrinated victims will attempt to do exactly that.


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