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Dale Eastman:
➽ What are quick and peaceful alternatives to defensive-force to effectively counter/defeat the strategy of violence and looting?

Trumps wall? J/K... 98% kidding.

You have defined two different problems.

Looting is usually the breaking and entering of a building in order to steal. If the items to be looted are not within a building, trespass is committed first.

So this first security issue is simply separating the items from those who would appropriate (just take) them via a physical barrier. To quote a common cliché: Locks only keep honest people honest.

Sidebar: Even cars designed to be clothes hangar proof are not. In my many years and many travels, I have assisted people break into their own cars, having locked the keys in the car. And one where the dog stepped on the lock button.

Having done such dumbness while in my 20's, I make sure I have the key to the lock I am locking in my hand before closing the door. In 40 years, I have only locked myself out once, and I was dealing with a 6 year old nephew I was adulting for my sis inlaw.

And as to the above dog locking the door... Security measures and equipment does NOT work unless you use them.

Securing from violence overlaps, but only very slightly, with treating yourself as an item to be separated from the threat.

The second problem is how to non-violently defend oneself from violence. I am parsing this to only mean deliberate targeted harm to other humans.

(IMO, Looting is violence. Stronger walls passively secure and defend.)

Cliché: Quick, Quality, or Inexpensive. You can only have two.

Quick, Peaceful, or Effective. IMO, a ditto goes here.

Turn tail and run.
Less than 100% effective IMO.
If you have to run, your day has been changed by an involuntary interaction. In my lexicon, a threat of violence IS violence. Thus you have actually been harmed by violence simply by being threatened with violence.

Find, figure out, and fix the social ills that drive people to initiate violence.
Not quick. No guaranty of effective. No guaranty of peaceful because effectiveness is likely less than 100%.

One of my suggested fixes is to teach society to be Voluntaryist and YDOMist. (More about both upon request.)

One ill that drives people to initiate violence has been found and figured out... but only by a few.
"I'm from the government and I'm here to help. Obey our rules or else."
The fix for this ill is only known by a few. Many others reject it from nescience or ignorance.
Side note observation, this is because the many believe it's okay for a (criminal syndicate called) government to have a monopoly on the use of force.

My last idea of Quick, Peaceful, and Effective counter/defeat violence and looting depends upon the definition of defensive violence...
As above, threat (in this case counter-threat) of violence is, in my book, violence. So I don't see a non-violent way to protect against initiated violence.

Presented in order of least violent to most violent:

0. Carry a visible holstered gun. (I can logically argue against this. Guns must be concealed. Reasons upon request.)

1. Simply present that you are carrying a gun. Do not aim. Do not fire.

2. Aim gun at the aggressor; violence threatener; violence initiator. without pulling the trigger.

3. Shoot the aggressor; violence threatener; violence initiator if they continue with intent to harm you after you say DON'T!

Inherent in the right to Life, Liberty, or justly acquired Property is the right to defend and protect it. Inherent in the right to Liberty, is the right to choose what tools, tactics, and techniques will be used to defend and protect one's Life, Liberty, or justly acquired Property.

Dale Eastman:

--- Quote ---Maybe it is time for the pitchforks and torches then?
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Although that might be the most satisfying choice of action, my imaginary crystal ball (aka, IMO) claims that would give the violent criminal organization called government the excuse it needs to ramp up the violence perpetrated by its members.

So to not give it or its members an excuse to be violent, I choose to use my inside voice and deal with it/them with truth and logic.

Though its criminal members can kill me, they can NOT kill the idea of Liberty. It is that idea and the truth of government that I am presenting by answer posts such as yours. Thanks for the segue.

The government, any government, all governments are based upon extortion: Do what you are told to do or they will hurt you!

Truth, not euphemisms...
Euphemism: n. A mild, indirect, or vague term for one that is considered harsh, blunt or offensive;
And I emphatically add: accurately descriptive.

Taxed - Extorted.
Arrested - Kidnapped.
Jailed - Shoved in a cage.
Voting - Pretending to make a difference that counts.
Law - Politician's opinion.
Law - Death sentence for disobeying.
Consent of the governed - A way to show many people do not understand consent.
Government - a criminal syndicate that extorts people for money and control.

And a link to a 7.5 minute video that helped me get on this path of Liberty.
--- End quote ---


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