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« on: October 05, 2020, 07:30:56 AM »
Voting is essentially the adult version of writing a letter to Santa
You idiots are really out there saying the most stupid shit. Yeah voting doesn't matter thats why Trump lost in 2016, right. Literally every major change in America has come from elected officials, which you have to elect. But the idiots who run this page believe in anarchism. "If only we get rid of government then the world will be at peace and everyone will ride unicorns across rainbows." Anarchist are some of the most ignorant and immature people. Your ignorant of human nature, your ignorant of culture, geopolitics, and basic psychology. Also you're very immature because all you do is call people names who exercise one the greatest freedoms one could have.
➽ You idiots are really out there saying the most stupid shit.

I'm one of those "idiots".  And my experience is that people who make statements such as you just did, NEVER finish discussions with me. I ask questions of their claims, just as I will do with your claims. When my questions expose inconsistent and/or magical thinking, then that person goes coward and goes away.

So far, what I understand of you is:

1) You don't actually understand the issues about why there is such a push-back against the superstitious ritual of voting.
2) You don't actually understand what "anarchism" is about.
3) By calling anarchists "ignorant and immature" you expose your ignorant and immature understanding of anarchists.
4) What you call "one the greatest freedoms" shows that you have been indoctrinated into believing a scam.

Have you got the balls to engage?

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