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EU redoux
« on: November 08, 2020, 08:07:15 AM »
Following these two images:

if you're looking for somewhere to live that doesn't have a governing body living over it.... well, good luck with that. Even the Poles are owned at least to some extent.
Better get going on building that space ship, I guess.
And that refutes what I have posted exactly how?
What I wrote, statists can not refute. So statists will D⁴.
D⁴ - Distract, deflect, divert, and disrupt.
I wrote NOTHING about going anywhere.
I wrote NOTHING about not having governing bodies.
I wrote that governing bodies are criminal extortionists.
Why have you not addressed that specific issue?
I'm not refuting what you say....but good luck finding somewhere not run by some kind of system.
Help me understand what you wish to prove with your specific deflection. Why are you so focused on "there ain't any escape from the criminal extortionists, while you continue to not address that they are provably criminal extortionists?
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