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JP Second Thread.
« on: April 30, 2021, 04:37:11 PM »
Quote from: BO
Right up until you all have to ban togeather to protect yourselves from some exterior threat.
And then all of a sudden you have a Government, and then the people start thinking since it worked so good at defending against that exterior threat we will just have it do everything.
Just like the Garden the Government must be continualy weeded or it will not produce the thing you want it to produce.
Quote from: BO
Voluntary association is not government. Government is a state, that uses violence to rule.
See there is the real problem everyone ie The People keep using the word Rule instead of Represent.
When the People keep calling the people in Government a Ruler or a King pretty soon they get the idea they are the Ruler or the King and they start doing Ruler and King things and everyone goes along with it because they are the ones that started calling them Rulers and Kings.
That would be one of the weeds the people need to pull out of their own heads and start calling them Representatives
None of my representatives can have any right that I don't have. I don't have the right to extort money from my neighbor, so a government that is made of representatives cannot have a right to levy taxes either.
I don't have the right to make rules about how my neighbor shall live his life, so government cannot pass laws either.
Mutual defense or security does not require a government.

Ok you are living in what ever your idea of the perfect Anarchist world is you come home to find your family Murdered.
How do you deal with that very real crime in your perfect Anarchist world?

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