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StraleyBeanBrewing Company™
« on: June 06, 2021, 06:52:35 PM »
let's try this again.
How would Starbucks run if it was run as a socialist company? walk me through a month of working there
What, specifically, is the purpose of a business?
What, specifically, would the purpose of the StraleyBeanBrewing™ Company?
to make coffee that people will pay money for i guess
I know you have put several seed comments up. This one caught my attention because it was specific about a"socialist company".

This question of "ideology" in action is one where I want to understand the thought processes of the various ideologies and their attitudes about... Financial incentives to do any damn thing what so ever. Dare I type Capitalism?

Before walking through a month of working at StraleyBeanBrewing Company™, let's walk through a month of setting it up.

I'm hoping you get some intelligent responses to the teaser you put out.

Since you're the first to bite on my Intellitroll™, Why would you want people to pay money for the coffee you brew?
Don't all you socialists answer at once, I need time to read your replies.
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