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Gōhō-tekina Otoko, The Lawful Man
« on: January 19, 2023, 04:02:03 PM »
the option to actualize one’s duty to protect bodies always exists. Rights do not exist in the real world.
You may or may not find my position to be very far out of the box of what is considered normal by most.
I have been learning The Law and subsequently teaching it for well over a decade. Though it was not always so, I do not pander to the fictions, ignorances or beliefs programmed into the minds of the masses. Politicians ignore The Law to do what they do.
The one that originally wrote The Law and taught me everything I know about The Law once wrote the following….
"Absolutely everything in the legislated insurance policies most men and women think of as 'law' is about surety (the chattel guaranteeing profit) and accounting (the ledger showing profits and losses).
The fictional world has fictional characters like cops, citizens, drivers and persons and fictional objects and constructs like vehicles and states. Everything in that fictional world is administered according to the ideology of justice which was created by an ancient Roman emperor in 534ad. The purposes for creating the ideology of justice was to pre-legislate various excuses to violate The Law, post-legislate various excuses to violate The Law, and to promote all forms of governance derived from a patriarchal governmental model.
It is the fictional characters and constructs that are held accountable according to justice. Giving excusal to police brutality is a justified necessity for supporting and promoting the fictional paradigm.
In the real world, men and women are from earth, there are no states, and forms of governance are derived from the unlegislated dictates of Natural Law, which concerns the actions and interactions of species', members of species', and the material sources of the planet.
While our lowest form is the physical Animal, our higher forms are non physical and are bound to higher forms of Law. The Mind, which is a Process, is bound primarily to Natural Law and the Laws of Nature. The Self, which is an Awareness, is bound absolutely to One's Own Law.
The highest non physical form of what we are is the Being, which is an Existence. The Being is bound to The Law. There are inherent Duties of The Law whether one wills peace or war. If one wills peace into physical existence then the inherent Duties of The Law are derived from the first protector of The Law. If one wills war into physical existence then the inherent Duties of The Law are derived from the first violation of The Law.
Holding men and women answerable to The Law means that those men and women's actions are examined to see if they are in accordance with the inherent Duties of The Law.
Most men and women will peace into physical existence though their actions work against what they will for many reasons (ignorance, deception, and indoctrination).
The Law is Free Will.
The First Protector of The Law is Freely Given Consent.
The First Violation of The Law is Theft of Consent."
Gōhō-tekina Otoko, The Lawful Man, The First Peace Officer at The First Peace Office
Natural Law Matters