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« on: February 16, 2023, 03:49:41 PM »
Quote from: 16 1227
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah because the best way to poison us is to release clouds thousands of feet in the air for everyone and their mom to see. Obviously some conspiracy theories are true, and obviously some of y'all are paranoid AF!!
Quote from: 16 1324
Idjit put a laugh react on the post.
Quote from: 16 1403
🤣🤣 wow I guess you don't know how condensation and sub freezing temperatures work.
Quote from: 16 1404
Lemme know when you have something intelligent to say about the vid after you have actually watched it.
Quote from: 16 1409
I take that as a no 🤣 wow. I have an environmental degree and studied climatology. What did you do, watch random YouTubes? 🤣🤣
Quote from: 16 1445
I take that as a no 🤣 wow.

Is that supposed to be an intelligent comment after you watched the vid?

I have an environmental degree and studied climatology.

And that claim, (I'll assume it's true), means exactly WHAT regarding that 3 minute, 12 second video?

What did you do, watch random YouTubes? 🤣🤣

Actually, I ignored but was aware of the contrail - chemtrail controversy. However, I did not have good enough evidence to come to a conclusion.

Now since I'm a internet virgin, having only been on the net since 1996... I'll just say, I suspect you as not being able to understand what "𝓔𝓹𝓹𝓾𝓻 𝓼𝓲 𝓶𝓾𝓸𝓿𝓮" presents.

Since I suspect you don't have the ability to concentrate on that short video, I'll just grab a still.
Please tell me what you see in this image.

Quote from: 16 1524
Wow. I guess you are not smart enough to actually comment on what the snapshot from the vid shows. Lemme help you focus your attention:

Quote from: 16 1530
Here's another from another vid on the website.

Should I believe what a guy who claims to have "an environmental degree and studied climatology" or my own lying eyes.

There's a whole bunch of information on this site to help you fix your rectal cranial inversion.

Quote from: 16 1546
Dale Eastman omg. You see, engines sweat, much like we do when we're not. They create condensation. That condensation then evaporates. However it is so cold that high up in the air that the condensation immediately crystallizes into ice clouds. And the hotter the climate gets, the more humid it gets. Making it easier to see the frozen water vapor because it takes much longer for it to dissipate. And the larger the engine (like that screenshot), the more condensation is built up. You know how when the sun comes out and you can see condensation evaporating off a hot road in the summer time? Essentially the same concept. How tf do you people think they're poisoning us, to our naked eye, from 10,000 ft in the air??? They poising us with food and medicine and in some instances even our water supply. Use common sense and learn science. This is some of the most simplistic concepts in climatology.
Quote from: 16 1554
You are willfully ignoring what I posted.
So here's that image again. How about you actually comment on the area inside the red line loop.

Quote from: 16 1624
Dale Eastman I'm not responding to this stupid shit anymore 🤣🤣 I hope you people don't raise children
Quote from: 16 1704
I'm not responding to this stupid shit anymore

Asking you to explain what is right in front of your eyes is stupid shit, huh?

<Shrug> I do not need to say anything else. You've done a good job describing yourself.
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