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The Law
By Frederic Bastiat

The_Law.pdf is found on the website of the Foundation for Economic Education.  This PDF file is 343 kb. 

The_Law.html is found on the website.

        If you would rather listen to the book, I have placed the files on this website.  These MP3 files are 11 megabytes each. Each file takes about an hour to listen to.  If you decide to download these files, please save them to your local hard drive. (Right Click, Save As). Most especially if you think you will have reason to access the files in the future, for sharing with friends and family or burning CDs to listen on the go.

The Law audio book part 1
The Law audio book part 2
Blind Obedience to Authority
 The Devil’s Right Hand (abridged)
 by Larken Rose (2/6/03)
The Perils of Obedience
by Stanley Milgram