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U.S. Federal Income Tax

Subjugation by taxation

W-9 Instructions

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        Please note the stated purpose of the Form:
A person who is required to file an information return with the IRS, must obtain your correct taxpayer identification number (TIN) to report, for example, income paid to you, real estate transactions, mortgage interest you paid, acquisition of abandonment of secured property, cancelation of debt or contributions you made to an IRA.

        The purpose of the Form is to collect your TIN or SSN IF the person paying you is required to file an "information return".

        If the person paying you non-employee compensation for labor is not required to file an "information return", does it stand to reason that such person would not be required to obtain a TIN or SSN from you?

        Does this Form state who the person required to file an "information return" is?

        Continuing with the purpose of the Form:
U.S. person.  Use Form W-9 only if you are a U.S. person (including a resident alien), to provide your correct TIN to the person requesting it (the requester) and, when applicable, to:
  1. Certify that the TIN you are giving is correct (or you are waiting for a number to be issued),
  2. Certify that you are not subject to backup withholding, or
  3. Claim exemption from backup withholding if you are a U.S. exempt payee.

        Please note that items 1 and 2 are for certification purposes.  This will be addressed specifically on the next page.

        Please note that a "U.S. person" can be a "resident alien".  (Alien means foreign person.)

        Who the requester is, in other words; Who is legally required to request a TIN / SSN, is not addressed in this section of the W-9 instructions.  This appears to give any person carte blanche to ask for your SSN.  This is not the case as will be shown in this chapter.

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