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U.S. Federal Income Tax

Subjugation by taxation


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        The old adage is "Only two things are for sure in this world, death and taxes."

adage  n. A saying that sets forth a general truth and that has gained credit through long use.
American Heritage Electronic Dictionary.

        I'm here to challenge the 'truth' of that "general truth" for US citizens that work and live solely within the United States of America.  Even 'untruths' gain credit through long use.  I'm here to challenge what "conventional wisdom" would have us believe is the truth about the income tax.

Goebels theory of "The Big Lie" states that the public will believe ANYTHING they hear provided:
1. The lie is BIG;
2. The lie is repeated loudly and frequently;
3. The lie is the ONLY version that people hear.

        Do you fill out a 1040 form every year because "everybody knows you have to pay"?   Have you ever actually looked at the law that requires you to pay this tax? 

        I submit that you are doing a duty, based upon hearsay evidence.  If hearsay evidence is not good enough to convict a person in a court of law, how can hearsay evidence be good enough to place a burden or duty upon a citizen?   Hearsay evidence is NO LONGER an appropriate method for me to use to consider myself under the onus of any duty alleged to be placed upon myself by any alleged law.

        I am going to be approaching the US income tax laws "de novo".  "De novo" is a legal term that means "starting all over; trying a matter anew, as though it was being tried for the first time."   Cite.

         In other words, the default condition of my de novo search for the law that makes me liable for the income tax is that there is no law that requires anything of myself, unless and until that law reaches out to touch me. 

        Until a law does clearly and concisely touch me, I stand outside the law.  
I stand outside the law just as I stand outside the laws and rules of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency since I do not do the activity of playing with nuclear materials.  I have done no activity that activates the requirement of following any law regarding nuclear materials. 

         I am going to look to see what activity I have done that requires me to follow the rules of the tax laws.

        Let us presume that I just fell off the turnip truck yesterday.  Let us also presume that I was hired at the local burger joint yesterday afternoon and I am paid money for flipping burgers.   If today is April 14th, I will be informed by the press that 'my' income tax is due tomorrow.  This is hearsay evidence of the law and has exactly zero legal effect.  Just because somebody says I must pay some tax, doesn't make it so.

        Before I begin my study of the WRITTEN words of tax law, I'm going to look at the answers given by the head of the IRS and two other people in the IRS that report directly to the head of the IRS.   Perhaps these people will direct me to the appropriate laws.

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