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U.S. Federal Income Tax

Subjugation by taxation

Nina Olson Fails to Answer

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        In the process of researching whether these 'income tax' laws apply to me or not, I stumble upon an interview with Nina Olson, head of the Taxpayer Advocacy Agency, live on CNN.  A caller asked her a specific question.  Ms. Olson had that deer in the headlights look on her face when she heard the caller's question live.

        The caller asked her this question: "Could you explain to me or anybody else, where in, in [sic] the tax code is it that we as individuals are required to pay a federal income tax?"

        Nina Olson replied, but did not answer the question. She started her direct reply to the question by stating, "Well I see these kinds of ah..... arguments every single day crossing my desk". 

        Ms. Olson spends the next 1 minute 53 seconds NOT answering the question.  To hear a clip containing the dark blue dialog shown on this page, download this wave file. 62 kb. To see and hear the entire clip go to this location

       At the end of the full clip Ms. Olson admits to reporting directly to IRS Commissioner Mark Everson.  This makes Ms. Olson a second level person in the IRS.  Don't you think a second level manager in the IRS should be able to point to a law that proves "we as individuals are required to pay a federal income tax"?

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