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Famspear - Part 3 - Another Attempt at Honesty from a Lawyer

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Mr. Eastman Replies

74 Numbered, Yes/No Questions Remain Unanswered

I'm keeping this reply short in an attempt to get Mr. Famspear, the tax lawyer on point.

I find it interesting that Mr. Famspear could find time to post 2,636 words but he can't find the time to publicly answer 74 numbered Yes/No questions. Subtracting 74 "yes" or "no" answering words from the 2,636 words he did find the time to post would leave him 2,562 words to prove the conclusion as incorrect. It is just this arrogance of the "establishment" in refusing to address honest questions that drives the Tax Honesty Movement.

The 74 questions I ask are ALL "No-Brainer" questions. I cite passages of Supreme Court decisions, tax statutes, and tax regulations followed by reading comprehension questions.

When I ask a question of the preceding passage, I am asking, in essence, 'Did the Supreme Court, Congress, or the Secretary of Treasury state "X Y Z"?' Any person with average reading comprehension skills can readily see that the Supreme Court, Congress and the Secretary of Treasury did indeed state "X Y Z".
The "reply" by Mr. Famspear to my last sentence has already been posted by Mr. Famspear above. He said, "Unfortunately, there is something about law that gives some people the impression that even without having gone through the fire of formal training, they can somehow "know" the law better than people who have gone through the fire.

"Okay Mr. "Gone-Through-The-Fire" Famspear, PUBLICLY answer the first 74 questions on my web site and then use your other 2,562 words to prove that the words highlighted by the questions on my web site don't mean what they say. The questions start on the fourth page of my web site. Posted: 13:12 EDT 5/13/06

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