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« on: November 15, 2022, 09:03:40 AM »
Quote from: 14 0836
Quote from: 14 0935
What is your intent in posting this vid link?
Quote from: 14 1326
don't ask stupid questions
Quote from: 14 1335
So you are claiming I can read your mind... That's what makes my question stupid... Huh?
Quote from: 14 1336
Posted a GIF with the words, "Are you stupid or something?"
Quote from: 14 1340
Yeah... I'm stupid. That's why I'm asking you questions about your action. Since you don't want to explain what you mean, I am just going to assume you are a illiterate Votard and a Stidiota who is not capable of articulating your point.
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Sovereign citizens
With a laughing mouse GIF
Quote from: 15 0948
You still haven't answered my question as to your purpose of posting the vid.
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