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« on: February 24, 2024, 02:34:03 PM »
Quote from: 24 February 08:14
Quote from: 24 February 14:36
Quote from: 24 February 14:50
Dale Eastman DO NOT trust the Mises Institute. They are a right-wing organization pretending to be for liberty. The founders were Republican Party supporters, and years ago this used to be easy to prove. They had a detailed search engine and all one needed to do was search their site for "Republican," "Trump," etc., and up would come all the articles supporting the GOP. They changed the search engine so it's not as thorough anymore.
Quote from: 24 February 15:11
Are you admitting that you did NOT bother to read the words of Nock; Your blather of words having NOTHING to do with my point of presenting Isaiah's Job?
Quote from: 24 February 15:17
It's all part of shill work, like when Republicans say "liberty" and Democrats say "peace." We never let shill organizations post, or get posted here without warning others.

Quote from: 24 February 15:20
That's twice you have deliberately ignored my point.
Quote from: 24 February 15:21
Dale Eastman I think you are ignoring MY point!

Quote from: 24 February 15:22
Dale Eastman Try finding the same information from a site, that you can share here, that is not using it to further the goal of the aggression based political right or left.

Quote from: 24 February 15:22
Dale Eastman, He is saying that we try to be mindful about sources that happen to be shills by adding a note for all members to see, so they can get a heads up that you support the words of the article but you don't support the shill group website hosting it.
Jeff Smith was trying to give you a heads up, not discredit the words in the article.

Quote from: 24 February 17:25
Why does this sound like ”who cares what the message is- just discredit it because you don’t like the messenger”? Reminds me of Martin Luther King (in the 60’s) being ignored because he was “colored”
Quote from: 24 February 17:38
No one is discrediting the message. We are discrediting the message being used to aid support for an aggression based political party. It's a tactic of shill work. The goal they are using is to get people to believe that the messenger (and the Republican Party) are also for liberty. Think of it this way; we all know politicians make fake promises to get elected, right? The tactic being used here is in the same realm. "We're for liberty ... and here's a politician you should support because he's for liberty too!" This was Ron Paul's tactic.
There are other ways to share a message without sharing the shill work.
Quote from: 25 February 07:07
Politics is a very deceptive swindle.
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« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2024, 03:01:10 PM »
Quote from: 25 February 08:40
Isaiah's Job
By Albert Jay Nock
Quote from: 25 February 08:44
Dale Eastman, Kitty Eastman and Mike Cerrito, I found the original article (in less than 30 seconds) by Albert Jay Nock. I made it into a new thread (tagging you guys) so the message can be shared, without sharing the messenger shill.
Quote from: 29 February 11:41
If your source meets your anti-shilling requirements, then I'm good with your source.

Can we get back to my point now?

The original post was about "planting" seeds of thought.

Quoting Nock: "Everyone with a message nowadays is, like my venerable European friend, eager to take it to the masses. His first, last and only thought is of mass acceptance and mass approval. His great care is to put his doctrine in such shape as will capture the masses' attention and interest."

The issue stated: Is the message for the masses or the remnant?

Nock: "A prophet of the Remnant will not grow purse proud on the financial returns from his work, nor is it likely that he will get any great renown out of it. "

Nock: "You do not know, and will never know, who the Remnant are, nor what they are doing or will do. Two things you do know, and no more: First, that they exist; second, that they will find you. Except for these two certainties, working for the Remnant means working in impenetrable darkness;"

I did not know at the time I created my website around 2006 that I was a Prophet of the Remnant.

Nock: "The other certainty which the prophet of the Remnant may always have is that the Remnant will find him. He may rely on that with absolute assurance. They will find him without his doing anything about it; in fact, if he tries to do anything about it, he is pretty sure to put them off. [...] He may be quite sure that the Remnant will make their own way to him without any adventitious aids; and not only so, but if they find him employing any such aids, as I said, it is ten to one that they will smell a rat in them and will sheer off."

Off on a tangent: I have seen MANY ignorant & stupid comments about the U.S. Federal Income Tax.

I post the TRUTH about the topic. I get hated on in reply with NO challenge NOR discussion of the information I present about the topic.

Regardless, as a Prophet of the Remnant, I WILL continue to post the unadulterated truth about the U.S. Federal Income Tax LAW. I have several pages on my website expressly for that purpose.</Tangent>

As a Prophet of the Remnant, I will continue to challenge the euphemisms the dumb masses continue to use to attempt to spread their psychotic delusions.

I have had these delusional dumb masses get very angry at me for asking things such as: What, exactly, do you mean when you use the word "x"? Their refusal to define what they mean by their use of a particular word, words, or phrase indicates I've errantly entered a dialog with a member of the dumb masses. These humans are NOT the REMNANT.

An example of such an attempt:

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