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« on: June 30, 2021, 08:42:18 AM »
abbr    abbreviation
acronym    acronym
b    bold text
bdo    bi-directional override
blue    blue text
br    line break
code    code output
color    color text
flash    embed flash object
font    set font
glow    produces glow effect on text
green    green text
hr    horizontal rule
i    italics
iurl    makes link that opens in the same window
left    left align
list    inserts item in a list
ltr    sets text direction left to right
move    marquee effect
nobbc    turns off BBCode
pre    preformatted text
quote    formats text as a quote
right    right alignment
rtl    sets text direction from right to left
shadow    creates shadow effect on text
size    set text size
sup    superscript
table    used to create tables
time    displays time
tr    table row tag
u    underline
url    makes links that open in a new window
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